SeriousTraders is designed for serious traders who want to know about the best penny stocks before the rest of the investment community. We know these traders believe that it is imperative to stay on top of the market at all times, and we stand behind them by continually searching for incredible trading opportunities.

SeriousTraders is jam packed with informative market data, penny stocks to watch and specialized articles; you won’t miss an opportunity to hone your trading edge.

Knowing the hot penny stocks to buy can be critical for a traders success. Stocks that gain the most are usually the ones that have the most momentum and trader buzz.

We alert you to the fast moving stocks so you can profit quickly.

Our alerts cover the NYSE, OTC and nasdaq penny stocks.

Many of our members have made thousands of dollars from our penny stock alerts, we invite you to try and become one of them.

If you are serious about trading, get our penny stock lists and become a SeriousTrader!™

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